About Yens Franke

Yens Franke found his way to photography late. He spent his youth as guitarist and singer of a Munich rock band. Personnel changes in the band structure led to the decision to follow a more "serious" path. But never healed of art, one day the black-and-white photographs of light artists such as Bastiaan Woudt, Fiona Louise Larkins, Stefan Vanfleteren and last but not least Peter Lindbergh completely hogged him. By studying the works of these and similar artists, reading specialist literature and ultimately successfully completing his participation in the Shootcamp of Christian Anderl (Vienna, Austria), he passionately devoted himself to photography - without formal training. At the same time, Yens Franke has continued to develop his own style. He doesn't seem to be interested at all in familiar conventions and current beauty norms in people photography. Rather, it is art and aesthetics that are at the forefront of his photographs. When photographing people, Yens Franke likes to quote Peter Lindbergh, who speaks from his soul in the following words: "With true beauty we talk about individuality, about the courage to be yourself, the sensitivity of a person. That adds up to beauty for me. Everything else, this delusion of youth and perfection is just a manipulated fiction. I find today's ideal of beauty scandalous."  

J. Seibold/Hysterika. de